Felix Hagspiel

Hey there,
my name is Felix and I am a freelance full stack webdeveloper living in Berlin.

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I create scalable webapplications and customized websites.

Who am I?

I created my first website well over 15 years ago, when I decided to become a full stack web developer. I went to university and completed my Bachelor-Degree in computer science with a major focus on digital media at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart, Germany.
While studying I started freelancing, and since then I work for agencies, small & medium businesses and NGOs in Europe.

What do I do?

Mainly I create dynamic web applications with great UI & UX rather than static websites. I am not a full blood designer, but if you like the minimalistic approach I can design as well. Apart from that I create responsive websites and prototypes or help out by working on existing bigger projects.

How do I work?

Best practices and design patterns

Content first, mobile first, progressive enhancement

What are my skills?

  • Frontend: JavaScript, mostly ReactJS, NextJS and Svelte
  • Backend: Node.js and NestJS
  • Databases: PostgreSQL with prisma.io ORM, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Styles: CSS (3) with animations, mostly using Tailwind, LESS, SASS or styled components
  • Devops: Linux / Ubuntu, NGINX, Apache, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Vercel, Cloudflare, Netlify, Supabase
  • I have also experience in JQuery, Java and PHP, but I prefer not to work with them.

Which frameworks and CMS do I use?

To reduce a site's overhead I avoid frameworks and libraries like jQuery or Bootstrap if possible. JavaScript frameworks I work with are ReactJS, Svelte, and NextJS.
If it comes to CMS I use only headless CMS like Sanity.io, Strapi CMS and NodeJS, but I have experience in other CMS like Kirby and Wordpress as well. For more complex backends I use NestJS.

Which tools and services do I use?

For prototyping and small projects I use Uberspace, Vercel and Cloudflare and for larger projects mostly Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean. For communication and reviews I use Jira, Trello, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Google Docs and of course phone and email. For time tracking I use the great webservice Toggl and the escrow service PAYLAX to request secure payments.

What did I recently develop?

Please find below some of the projects I have developed recently.


RCKT GmbH & Co. KG

Frontend & Backend Development, DevOps

ReactJS, NextJS, Sanity.io Headless CMS, GraphQL, Netlify


GRAEF Website relaunch

RCKT GmbH & Co. KG // GRAEF GmbH

Frontend & Backend Development, DevOps

ReactJS, NextJS, Strapi Headless CMS, GraphQL, Apollo


PAYLAX Escrow Service

pay & relax GmbH

Design, UX, Development and DevOps of PAYLAX Webapplication, Website, Payment-Gateway, Client-Dashboard, Payment-API, Admin-Workbench

Java, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, PHP, Websockets, PostgreSQL, Server-Side-Rendering, Microsoft Azure


LaFlor Online-Shop

La Flor AG

Development and DevOps of Woocommerce Online-Shop

Wordpress JSON-API, Woocommerce, ReactJS, Server-Side-Rendering


SCE-International Company Website


Development and DevOps of company website

Wordpress JSON-API, ReactJS, Server-Side-Rendering


Who are my customers?

Please find below some of the companies I have worked for.

I love meeting new people!

If you would like to work with me, please contact me via e-mail:

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